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A verbose student, a transgenerational milanista, who happens to love her palermitani just as much. I have a strange obsession with Zayn Malik, and a certain gay british radio host.

I have many fandoms I belong to, and flail over just about everyone of them. 23 years ago when I was born, the doctor thought it would be funny to inject me with a massive dose of awkward.


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Anonymous said: The little boy's name Harry brought on stage yesterday is Cameron, and they kept calling him Eric lol. His mom tweeted about it and said he was confused this morning because they kept calling him the wrong name lmao how cute


she’s lucky she got that kid back, harry renamed him and was ready 2 raise him on his own


Wherever Louis was with Harry that night, he called it home, and now I want to fling myself off a cliff.


One Direction at the Stade de France - June 2014

StadeFrance: Two months ago One Direction were at the stadium for the Where We Are Tour. We took the opportunity to ask them to leave their fingerprints for StadeFrance boulevard!