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The Last Time
Broken Strings - Ignazio Abate
A verbose student, a transgenerational milanista, who happens to love her palermitani just as much.

I am the captain of many ghei ships.
Larry Stylinson
Grincham (just as brotp)
Brian and Justin

I have a strange obsession with Zayn Malik (there I said it Resa) and a certain gay british radio host.

I have many fandoms I belong to, and flail over just about everyone of them (although some more quietly than others) I'm like walmart a one stop shop, just less trashy.

And 22 years ago, when I was born, the doctor thought it would be funny to inject me with a massive dose of awkward.


Interviewer: If you could take one member of the group and get rid of one of your own and swap [with One Direction]…I’m already thinking I know who you would swap… [x]

Michael and Luke during the twitcam (⊙‿⊙✿)

The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.
Frozen/Tangled Parallels